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About ProWraps™, Inc™


Prior to entrusting the outdoor advertising of your company to the cheapest available car wraps Sacramento provider, you should consider your fleet’s value in addition to the significance of your initiative. A professionally installed, high-quality pro wrap makes for a mobile asset as far as your company is concerned. It broadcasts your identity and commands attention with every single mile that you travel. At ProWraps™, Inc™ you’ll find that the pricing is competitive, and the value they offer is simply unsurpassed.



The Facility at ProWraps™, Inc™ Wrap


ProWraps™, Inc™ are more than proud of the fact that they are Northern California’s leading fleet wrap installer. Their car wrap facility, located in Sacramento, was established utilizing the latest in eco-friendly technology, while the features are inclusive of:


-          EPA OSHA-Approved Air Scrubber System: If you have a concern for the environment, as everyone should, then this breakthrough equipment is used to filter out all dangerous particulates and VOCs.


-          HP® Latex Printers: These have been specifically designed so as to meet with the challenges of outdoor graphics that are large format. Such state-of-the-art printers are able to produce pro wraps that have a high resolution, and are waterproof as well as fade resistant.


-          Clean room: HEPA-filtered and negatively pressurized so as to ensure that a contaminant- and dust-free installation is provided.


-          Monitored by security cameras: Security cameras monitor every area around the facility in addition to the facilities’ exterior.


-          Alarm protection: A fully monitored alarm security system has been installed to provide protection for all company assets.


-          60’ X 30’ vehicle installation bay: The bay is climate-controlled and is ideal for semi-truck trailers, full-sized buses, and a variety of alternative large fleet vehicles.


-          Offsite backups: All car wrap files in addition to security system data is persistently backed up off-site.


-          Full insurance coverage: ProWraps™, Inc™ has in place a two-million-dollar liability policy, together with full shopkeeper liability. This is to guarantee the safety of customer vehicles.



The ProWraps™, Inc™ Warranty


Besides the 3M’s Performance Guarantee offered by ProWraps™, Inc™, they also offer a full 12-month warranty on every vehicle wrap. The warranty, which is comprehensive, covers 100 percent of workmanship and materials, and there are no “fine print” exceptions or out-of-pocket deductibles. In this industry, that makes the ProWraps™, Inc’™ warranty the very best there is, and it is backed by the region’s most experienced pro wrap team.



The ProWraps™, Inc™ Environmental Commitment


ProWraps™, Inc™ are members of the Greenergy program that has been established by SMUD. This supplies the company with low-impact energy that arises from sustainable sources. Additionally, almost 100 percent of the facility lighting is provided through skylight sources, and the vehicles are cleaned using no-VOC, biodegradable chemicals.


The ProWraps™, Inc™ team are continually pursuing green business solutions. And that’s because they are particularly respectful of the environment where they work and live.


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